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Work with me if…

You Want More

Have your results flatlined?

Are you pushing up against the edge of your capacity?

Don't know how to break through to the next level of success?

Are you scared of what might be required of you?

Tired of your negative self talk and bad habits?

You Are Ready

Do you yearn to be more of a leader? To make more of an impact? 

Are you motivated and unsure how to direct your energy and focus?

Do you have that sense that you have done all you know how to do on your own?

Are you feeling like it's time to finally make a quantum leap?

You Want Abundance

What are you earning, compared to what you want to earn?

Are your money beliefs holding you back from the results you desire? 

Are you comparing yourself to others?

Are you ready to experience true time and money freedom?

Coaching Programs

Here’s how I can help…

I’m a Coach for Creative Thinkers and Entrepreneurs who are committing to living a life and building a career they LOVE.

My clients are open minded, curious, and driven people who seek the goodness that life has to offer.

My coaching services include online programs, one-on-one personal coaching and targeted workshops. Like these!

Thinking Into Results

Group Coaching

Your Future, Your Way

Workshops & Retreats

Personal Breakthrough Session

One-on-One Coaching


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Find out if coaching is right for you.

I’m Catherine.

The benefits of working with me include:

  • A new vibrant love of life with a sense of purpose and what's possible
  • A renewed vigour for your work life with enlivening goals
  • An inspired and clear vision for your future and how to get there
  • The financially bountiful business you expect from your talent
  • Clarity on where you’re going and all that’s possible for you!
  • A flourishing relationship with yourself like you have never had before
  • Better relationships with improved communication
  • A deep sense of knowing WHO you are, WHERE you are heading, and WHY

You, transformed.

We all know that the answers and best route for the quest come from the inside. The answers are already there, it's just that often internal beliefs and limiting decisions can get in the way of seeing what is possible. 

I specialize in helping you navigate your internal terrain to design the best outcomes for you.  Not the best outcome you "think" you can have, but an outcome that you can only dream of once you expand your capacity for more.  

You can dream bigger, once you are ready for more. 

Through Mindset Coaching, I help expand mindsets and perspectives so that people like you can have both the business and life that you dream of. We identify what patterns are limiting you and reveal what your truth is underneath. 

Instead of a standard “success formula” that many coaches give, our work together is customized to you, to remove exactly what YOUR block is, identifying YOUR DREAMS, and moving you toward YOUR goals.

With me, you will identify and reveal what makes you unique, get rid of what is in your way, and allow you to confidently and clearly go forward to shine at your brightest.

You will see options where you might not have seen them before, new possibilities and new ways of being that you didn't know were available to you.

Are you ready to live as fully 
as you know in your heart you
were meant to?

Are you ready improve your effectiveness and expand your capacity for phenomenal results?

Pink sunset over lake.
No two clients have 
the same experience. 
But all clients have a transformational one.

“I can’t say enough positive things about her!”

Catherine Farquharson and Ruby the dog

Simply put, I help my clients powerfully navigate their journey through life and business.

About Catherine

When I started Documentographer, my photography business, it was over a decade ago and I was self-taught, grappling with my own limiting beliefs around my worth, my talent, and what I could charge. Eventually, through personal development studies, I moved into being a confident, established, successful photographer. I created a business that fit all of my dreams, including financial abundance, destination weddings and documentary photography projects all over the world, and the kind of clients that make my heart sing. Through true clarity on my unique value, I learned how to attract clients that I love and that appreciate my unique gifts, which has made the career incredibly rewarding, both financially and creatively.

From my own journey, I learned that it can be so much more simple, and so much more fun, and so much more POSSIBLE than I had thought. In order for me to create my ideal life, I had to change my inside world, and my relationship to my beliefs, thoughts and fears.

Along my path, I have discovered so many creative business people wanting the life and creativity and freedom that they thought their businesses would bring, and instead are living in debt or overwhelm, struggling with creative stagnation and burnout. They are looking forward at their future wondering, What Now?

As I grew and saw profound and consistent changes in my own life, I began my quest to help others along their paths. Even though there are often similar themes in the struggles that creative thinkers face, I coach each person differently, helping them identify what is stopping them, and how to see what is possible in their world, so that they have a profoundly different relationship with their life.

For the past few years, I have invested in advanced coaching training and certification to learn specific and guaranteed techniques for transformation. I am a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy™ Techniques and Hypnotherapy, and a Proctor Gallagher Consultant.


If you relate to what has been shared, and are ready to make a difference in your life, I’d love to explore if I am the right Coach for you.