Catherine Farquharson and Ruby the dog

Simply put, I help my clients powerfully navigate their journey through life and business.

About Catherine

When I started Documentographer, my photography business, it was over a decade ago and I was self-taught, grappling with my own limiting beliefs around my worth, my talent, and what I could charge. Eventually, through personal development studies, I moved into being a confident, established, successful photographer. I created a business that fit all of my dreams, including financial abundance, destination weddings and documentary photography projects all over the world, and the kind of clients that make my heart sing. Through true clarity on my unique value, I learned how to attract clients that I love and that appreciate my unique gifts, which has made the career incredibly rewarding, both financially and creatively.

From my own journey, I learned that it can be so much more simple, and so much more fun, and so much more POSSIBLE than I had thought. In order for me to create my ideal life, I had to change my inside world, and my relationship to my beliefs, thoughts and fears.

Along my path, I have discovered so many creative business people wanting the life and creativity and freedom that they thought their businesses would bring, and instead are living in debt or overwhelm, struggling with creative stagnation and burnout. They are looking forward at their future wondering, What Now?

As I grew and saw profound and consistent changes in my own life, I began my quest to help others along their paths. Even though there are often similar themes in the struggles that creative thinkers face, I coach each person differently, helping them identify what is stopping them, and how to see what is possible in their world, so that they have a profoundly different relationship with their life.

For the past few years, I have invested in advanced coaching training and certification to learn specific and guaranteed techniques for transformation. I am a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy™ Techniques and Hypnotherapy, and a Proctor Gallagher Consultant.