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Improve your journaling and mental clarity with Catherine's journal prompt cards.

Journaling is a proven way to pursue a richer life. It allows us to get at our inner thoughts and feelings, helps us to express gratitude, plan for our futures, release anxiety and let go of that which no longer serves us.

Without writing, our thoughts are left randomly swirling around in our minds, repeating themselves and taking up space. We want to get them out and onto the page so we can learn from them, get perspective, and use them as steps to new insights and new actions.

Journalisms is a series of prompt cards to help you dive deeper into your journaling. The questions on these cards are designed by a Mindset Coach specifically to move you from Point A to Point B. If followed through, you should feel clarity, closure, and an expanded awareness that leads you to take inspired action.

Have fun getting to know yourself in a whole new way!

Decks include multi-categories, as well as "SOS Packs" for some of life's most challenging times. 


Suggestions for mental clarity, problem solving, and expanded awareness


Pen, paper + desire to know yourself better


10 mins - 1 hour