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Do you ever feel that you know you want to do one thing, but end up doing another? Like, you know you want to get up early in the morning and be productive, but you find yourself staying up late binge-watching TV instead?

Or, do you feel you want to make changes in your life, but you feel like you are the only one trying to make those changes so it feels really challenging? Like you are doing it alone?

How about your habits? Are you bumping up against the same %^@(#)* patterns and obstacles time and time again, which keep you living the same way that you always do? And you really want it to be different by now?

If you are nodding at any or all of these, I think you will like this invitation…

Thinking Into Results is a group program that will put an end to all of the above, and lead you to actually creating and living a life you love.

Want to join us? We know that change happens on the unconscious level – so it doesn't matter what you “know” or what you “do”, it’s what you are thinking and feeling inside that determines your outcome.

This remote program is designed specifically to break through your limiting beliefs on the unconscious level, so that you start thinking and feeling differently. When you start to do that, everything in your life changes...


About the course:

  • It’s 6 months long as you transform your thinking, and therefore your results as you work toward an exciting goal.
  • We work on a different powerful lesson every week. Each one builds on the one before, and each one could change your life on its own.
  • There is a recording by Bob Proctor that you listen to twice a day, as he teaches you how the mind really works – this is for your conscious mind’s understanding of the information, as well as to start shifting your thinking.
  • There are worksheets you work on every day at home – this is for the shifting of your unconscious mind into new ways of thinking and feeling.
  • You hop on a webinar every week for my lesson facilitation, and every week for group discussion by video conference.
  • There is a vibrant private Facebook group already in action. Such a phenomenal group of women that will lift, inspire and support you!
  • And there are one-on-one “laser coaching calls” with me for when you need support or have questions along the way.
  • This is a completely immersive program where you are supported in every step along the way, as you alter how you think, and feel about yourself and what is possible.
Catherine Farquharson Thinking into Results Coach

If you feel like you are in a place where you want to learn to shift and change, and ACTUALLY DO IT, this is the program for you.

It was designed by the leader of Personal Development, Bob Proctor. You will have incredible information about how change really happens that will excite you, so much support from me, and the momentum of the group working together — it’s a true set up for success.

I’d be thrilled if you would join us. If you like that idea, please set up a time to talk with me about where you are at, what you are looking to do, and find out how this program will benefit you.

Solutions don’t come from the problem itself, they come from outside of the problem. So if how you are doing things right now is not working for you, perhaps it is time to learn how to do things – and think – in a new way.

Take it from them…

“Working with Catherine has been the smartest, and most impactful investment I have made in my business & in my life in general. Now in the midst of working thorough the Thinking into Results program I am seeing a powerful transformation in my life take place in real time. As a snake sheds its skin, The TIR program – coupled with Catherine’s intuitive coaching style – have enabled me to shed my negative thinking, which create ineffective habits and ultimately the unwanted results in my life. Just halfway through I am already seeing dramatic changes taking place and I’m excited to know that so much more is yet to come.”
“At only a month into the 6 month program, I’m thrilled with the change in my thought process already. I had no idea that the content would be so completely new to me and so fascinating. I can feel shifts not only in my relationship with my work but also in my personal relationships. The group has given me a community of willing and eager creative entrepreneurs which is super fun, stimulating and great for brainstorming.”
“I already see shifts in my relationships with other people and, most importantly, between myself and the world. I am calmer, more focused, and decisive. Each day, almost without realising it, I move a step closer to my goals. Most importantly I spend less energy worrying about the future, what ifs, and whether I can handle it. The sense of self-confidence and clarity I have already noticed in the first month of working with Catherine and the group has been life-changing. The best part about this program is the personalisation that comes from Catherine’s support — having someone so perceptive, gentle, but straightforward to tap is immensely important when you’re feeling stuck and need objective support to get you back on track in the right way.”
Coach Catherine Farquharson with Bob Proctor

Thinking Into Results


Remote Group Course


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