Your Future, Your Way

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If you are ready to create and live the life you really want, this breakthrough workshop will kickstart a new future for you... Your future, your way.

2019 dates to be announced.

If you are ready to unlock your true potential and get real results in your life, it's time to get in touch with the power of your unconscious mind. You see, even though change shows itself on the outside in the form of results, it happens on the inside first, in your mind. Understand how it works and the world of new outcome opens up to you.

In this two-day workshop, you will:

  • Get rid of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that unconsciously block you in your life
  • Get clear on your goals
  • Leave with an action plan in place for your life moving forward
  • Have clarity on what is possible for you — likely more than you ever thought before!
  • Feel empowered, motivated and excited about your future
  • Know exactly what actions to take and what to focus on to get the results you know you want in your life

This empowering change occurs in this two-day workshop. By aligning your vision and releasing your barriers, you can unleash your true potential – consciously, powerfully, and effectively.

If you know you are capable of more in your life, use the transformational experience in this workshop to sort it out. By the end, you’ll be excited about your life, what you are capable of, and specifically what your future entails, as you never have been before.

Two Day Transformational Course

With Coach Catherine Farquharson, Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Trainer of TimeLine Therapy™ Techniques, and Master of Hypnosis

  • Private location (to be announced) for workshop
  • Healthy and delicious meals
  • 2 nights accommodation

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want your life to line up with the visions you have for it.
  • You want to create your future, not react to it.
  • You want clarity on where you’re heading.
  • You want to get in action and create your life.
  • You are ready for 2018 to be AMAZING!

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Walk away with a vision of the future that is clear of fear, anger, sadness and guilt. Walk into a future free of old limiting beliefs that have always held you back.

Imagine instead – feeling inspired, free, motivated and clear on where you’re going.

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Your Retreat Host

Catherine Farquharson and Ruby

Catherine Farquharson, Mindset Coach

Catherine is a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy™ Techniques and Hypnotherapy. She also completed the Centre for Applied Neuroscience's Life Coaching Course in addition to running a thriving photography business. Using tools from all of these trainings, and personal learning experiences through her own work, Catherine offers this transformational coaching in a group workshop setting, or in one-on-one sessions. She specializes in working with Creatives, and busting the myth of the “Starving Artist”.

Take it from them…

“Catherine is a coach who makes a huge difference in a very short period of time. She creates the confidence in her clients required to see personal impact, while creating an atmosphere of trust, patience and humour. Just the best!”
“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the preparation and thought that went into the magical concoction of your workshop. I was amazed by the phenomenal distillation tools/package you provided to help get to some tricky places, and the positive attitude, intelligence, attentiveness and genuine generosity of spirit and care that you exude in the facilitation and the follow through. You are wonderful. I have tried to go to these nooks and crannies before in various ways with regards to my business but I haven’t dedicated so much focused energy in a long time or with this kind of depth or much needed assistance…there is so much to say about all of this?! I am feeling so grateful to have your heroic help and to be amongst such an inspirational group of artists. At the moment, I am feeling a revitalized interest in what it is that I am called to do, have been trying to do and what I see for myself in the future. I’m not sure I truly believed it was possible to get so jazzed up again until now, so THANK YOU.”
“It was AMAZING. I feel that I have gone through a serious transformation. I am excited to continue by taking small steps to ensure my goals become a reality.”
“My favourite thing was the opportunity to feel present, and the time and beautiful setting to think about my future in an intentional and deliberate way. Two days in a year is a drop in the bucket. It was amazing to clear my calendar and take the time to re-imagine the rest of my life. My auto-pilot mode is over-used and overrated.”

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Your Future, Your Way


2-Day Workshop Retreat


To be announced